Thursday, May 23, 2013

Conducting Safety Inspections in the Entertainment Industry

Every production company and firms in the entertainment industry must have an effective safety inspection program. While there may be certain differences depending on your operations, there are many “standards” with which all entertainment companies must comply.

The format of safety inspections varies. Some safety coordinators do visual walk-through inspections of offices, studios, or even locations. Potential safety violations should be noted during the inspections.

Safety inspections should include the following:
Document all findings during the safety inspections using notes or checklists developed by your company.
Determine how any issues found will be corrected.
Set up a timetable for the completion of the assignments and follow up to make sure they've been done.
Communicate findings to management.
Keep good records for OSHA compliance

A checklist is one of the most effective means of documenting problem areas. There are many generic checklists available, some designed for specific industries.Here are some resources:

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