Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Value of Participant Accident Insurance

Production companies and the rest of the entertainment industry have very unique and diversified risks. Many activities include having an audience, using volunteers, and feature performers and actors. For any given event there is exposure to accidents. Most entertainment firms purchase general liability coverage to ensure against losses and injuries to third parties. One problem with this is that the injured parties might have to sue or be involved in a lengthy claims process to obtain claim payments. 

Medical benefits coverage under a general liability policy has limitations. One alternative is for production companies or recreational organizations to purchase Participant Accident Insurance. Participant Accident Insurance can provide accident medical benefits and, at the sponsor’s option, may include accidental death, dismemberment, dental and disability benefits, as well.  If you have operation in foreign countries they also can include worldwide travel assistance services that provide emergency medical, emergency travel, and pre-trip information services.

Actual claim example:

Ten participants were injured at a live event when the stage collapsed causing injuries to the audience. The event production company had secured participant accident coverage and the policy covered the medical bills.  As a result no lawsuits were filed.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Film Production Stunt Insurance

Safety of performers is always the number one priority; whether it is maintaining a safe working environment or ensuring the physical safety of actors and stunt professionals. Many productions use stunts while filming their movie, commercial, or short film. Even training films often include stunts as part of the production.  However, many traditional insurance packages don’t automatically cover stunt work.

John Hart Insurance can provide special stunt coverage for any production you are involved in. Directors and production companies can attain coverage for the following... Stunts, aerial scenes, falls, fight scenes, recreational vehicles, water scenes, weapons, precision driving, and animals. 

Here are a few if the stunts that should be insured:
  •          Aerial Work
  •          Fight Scenes
  •          Animals
  •          Scripted Falls
  •          Special Driving
  •          Use of Weapons
  •          Underwater Work

 SAFETY BULLETIN #4 that provides guidelines for safe stunt sequences.

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