Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Emerging Risks For The Entertainment Industry

Every entertainment company is different and has its own set of risks. We operate in a shrinking world, and the risks faced by local production companies are increasing and interrelated to what may be happening around the world. At John Hart Insurance we know and understand the entertainment industry. Your risks are changing and you need your insurance to evolve with your changing risks. Here are a few emerging risk management issues to be aware of.

Natural Catastrophes – In California, every business is subject to weather and other natural events. While business insurance may cover many of these, it pays to be prepared. Have you considered earthquake insurance? We suggest that every business have an emergency plan to help them manage through natural catastrophes.

Financing of Independent Films- Independent films are great, but they have many risks including loss of income due to fire, accident or even contract disputes. Make sure your film has proper insurance.

Cast Insurance - Reimburses the production company for any extra expense necessary to complete principal photography of an insured production due to death, injury or sickness of any scheduled performer or director.

Foreign Production – We all understand that traveling to a foreign country presents some logistical, social, and legal issues that should be thought through prior to travel. Traveling with a complete cast and crew to a foreign country to film a movie, compounds all those logistics.

The Workforce – The workforce is getting older, businesses must attract new and younger employees. It will be important for businesses to consider things like remote workers, flex time, and a more creative working environment, to attract the next generation of workers. In addition, employers must consider increasing benefits packages, retirement programs, and other non-financial perks.