Friday, February 28, 2014

John Hart Insurance Top Five Insurance and Safety Ideas

The following information may not make the lineup of any late night TV show, but it can help your entertainment company become more profitable. Call us today for more details.

  1. Always carry E & O insurance - This covers legal liability and defense for the production company against lawsuits alleging unauthorized use of title, format, ideas, characters, plots, plagiarism, unfair competition or piracy. It also protects against alleged libel, slander, defamation of character or invasion of privacy. This coverage will usually be required by a distributor prior to the release of any theatrical or television production.
  2. Mind your cables - With most productions, keeping cabling organized is critical. Solutions like rubber mats, cable ramps, and creating an audience free zone in the center of the auditorium can help to ensure safe cable runs.
  3. Insure your props and wardrobe – This provides coverage on props, sets, scenery, costumes, wardrobe and similar theatrical property against risks of direct physical loss, damage or destruction occurring during the production.
  4. Most Common Rigging Mistakes – These include unrated hardware, incomplete installation, damaged equipment, and improper use.
  5. Always call John Hart Insurance for the best possible combination of coverage and pricing.

The staff at John Hart Insurance has over 60 years combined experience in the field of entertainment insurance.  We focus exclusively on understanding the unique needs of motion picture, television, video, music and theatrical companies.  This knowledge base allows us to structure an insurance program specifically for each client that will be a balance of the best coverage and most economical solutions to help them manage the risks inherent to their unique businesses.

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