Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Risks of Drone Ownership

More and more businesses are purchasing and using drones for number of reasons.  Drones have been used in the entertainment business for a number of years.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), affectionately referred to as "Drones", are revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Drone insurance is a vital component in protecting the "Owner/operator" of the aircraft. Drones are a quickly evolving technology, and the implications and regulations for owning one may change in the near future. Current sales of drones are running about 200,000 for 2015.

Liability Issues with Drones
  • Here are a few issues that have not yet been worked out through the courts:
  • Who owns the airspace?
  • What constitutes an invasion of personal space?
  • What are my privacy rights?
  •  Who is liable for damage?

Drone Insurance Concern
Most business insurance excludes liability related to an aircraft of any kind. Drone owners should talk to their insurance agent to see if they have coverage and, if not; consider what coverage options might be available. We have the ability to write drone insurance, call us today.

The staff at John Hart Insurance has over 60 years combined experience in the field of entertainment insurance.  We focus exclusively on understanding the unique needs of motion picture, television, video, music and theatrical companies.  This knowledge base allows us to structure an insurance program specifically for each client that will be a balance of the best coverage and most economical solutions to help them manage the risks inherent to their unique businesses.

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