Monday, January 7, 2013

Entertainment Equipment Insurance

Production companies have made a significant investment in lighting, costumes, cameras and props. The entertainment industry has specific needs which often require a customized insurance program. Your ongoing success depends on having the kind and quality of equipment your customers need. If equipment inventory is damaged or destroyed, your customer base and bottom line could suffer. We work to learn the unique exposures and risks associated with your entertainment company. We then work hand in hand with you to develop and design an insurance program to meet your specific needs
One way to avoid this kind of loss is to purchase appropriate Entertainment Equipment Insurance. John Hart Insurance specializes in providing insurance to the film industry. Some of the equipment you should consider insuring is:
  • Editing Production Equipment
  • Recording Studio Equipment
  • Location Recording Equipment
  • Musical Instruments/Band Equipment
  • Camera Production Equipment
  • Rented Equipment
  • Wardrobes

Entertainment Equipment Insurance provides all risk coverage, subject to policy terms. Coverage is designed to repair or replace lost or damaged property.

John Hart insurance can also provide coverage for:
  • Reshooting your lost or damaged data or film stock
  • Production office
  • Rented vehicles
  • Rented props, rented sets, rented wardrobe
  • Cast

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