Thursday, January 17, 2013

Production Company Safety

Production companies have very unique safety issues. One of the most important is keeping the crew and actors safe. Production companies often use senior citizens and the disabled as part of the overall production. Some of your productions may include children as well. You will need to make sure you have looked at and manage the special needs of all these groups. Managing the special needs of these group increases the need for general set safety. Here are some general safety tips.
  • Have at least one crew who is trained in first aid, and have a first aid kit handy
  • Observe strictly the producing company/venue’s workplace policies in respect of:
           1. children in the workplace, including when they are part of a performance
           2. animals, including pets (but excluding companion animals) in the workplace
  • Ensure that the systems, ropes, slings, barrels, safety chains, etc are in good order
  • Appropriate fire extinguishers must be available
  • Don’t remove safety guards from and equipment
  • Keep all areas clean
  • Hold safety meetings with the crew to review safety concerns
  • Containers shall be provided for collection and separation of all refuse
  • Lighting equipment likely to reach high temperature shall be suitably guarded with a clearance maintained from flexible cords to prevent overheating
  • Don’t allow smoking on the set
  • At no time shall any illegal drug/s be brought into or consumed in the working environment
  • Make sure cables and other wiring is not in places where they can cause trips and falls.

These are in no means all the safety guidelines you must follow. Safety should be the responsibility of everyone engaged on the film or TV production.

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