Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Now Is The Time To Review Your Entertainment Insurance

Benefits of an Insurance Review

Everyone, at some time, should have entertainment insurance reviewed by an independent insurance agent. If it has been more than a year since your last review, now may be a good time. We review all our clients’ insurance needs on a regular basis. There are many benefits to an insurance review including:
  1. Prices change and a review can determine if you are getting competitive rates on your personal insurance.
  2. Your coverage needs may have changed and your policy should reflect these changes.
  3. There may be new insurance companies to which we have access.
Why Review Entertainment Insurance Policy?

We have identified a number of questions that might indicate your personal insurance is out of date.
  1. Have you started a new production?
  2. Are you planning a foreign work?
  3. Have you invested in new camera equipment?
  4. Are you developing any partnerships?
  5. Have you signed any new talent?

We live in difficult financial times and making sure we save money wherever we can is very important. Having us preform an insurance review might just be what is needed to protect your assets while putting money back in your pocket. 

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